The Commissioner-General of Ghana Revenue Authority has been alerted to acts of fraudsters who use the TONATON web-marketing App to sell so-called ‘GRA Auction Vehicles’.

Prospective buyers on the platform are asked to pay the cost of the vehicles into a bank account.

The Ghana Revenue Authority (Customs Division) wishes to alert the public to this SCAM and emphasize that it does not conduct auction sales on the Internet.

The Public should note and disregard these auction sales adverts on the Internet particularly on the TONATON website.

Public Auction by the Ghana Revenue Authority (Customs Division) is advertised in the national dailies, on the GRA website – www.gra.gov.gh and broadcast media with dates, places and times clearly indicated.

Thereafter the auction is conducted publicly by a Licensed Auctioneer supervised by GRA officers.

Once again, GRA wishes to alert the Public to be careful and not allow themselves to be duped by such fraudsters.


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