Fellow officers, so soon 2016 is history and in comes 2017.

I wish to congratulate you all for a successful year, 2016, and to wish you and your respective families a very eventful festive occasion. I further advise you all to endeavour to do all the celebration in moderation so as to reserve enough stamina for the task ahead of us in 2017.

The year 2016 has not been particularly favourable in relation to revenue mobilisation due to several factors among which is the election year syndrome, when traders, especially international businessmen adopt a “wait and see” attitude to investment, importation and exportation activities.

This slowed down business and naturally affected revenue mobilisation and collection. Thank God, in all this difficulty our revenue performance has been encouraging even though we did not achieve the set target for the Division.

I take this opportunity to thank all officers for your useful contributions and dedication to work. This shows that against all odds, our collective and dedicated efforts would always prevail and yield positive results.

As 2017 begins, so begins the task ahead of us. This calls for renewed energy, enthusiasm and a collective resolve on our part to perform better than last year’s. Ours is a national duty and we must approach it with zeal. Our success in mobilising and collecting maximum revenue is one of the pre-requisites for a successful management of our national economy.

I therefore wish to entreat all of you to eschew complacency and other negative tendencies towards work and to re-dedicate yourselves to the task ahead of us. Let us continue to strive for the best for our country and to project the image of the Customs Division in particular and the Ghana Revenue Authority in general.

In every organisation like ours there are always problems relating to welfare, transfers/postings and other matters. How such problems are managed is what makes the difference. This is however not the forum for addressing such problems.But I wish to assure you that Management is not oblivious to any problems facing our officers and efforts would be made in the course of the year to resolve all problems. It is hoped that where the co-operation and understanding of officers is necessary for such resolutions, officers would live up to expectation.

In the course of the year 2016 we lost a number of officers through death. May their souls rest in peace. I also take this opportunity to advise officers to take good care of themselves by regular exercises and medical checks; and to be conscious of their health needs. The Customs Division considers every individual officer as an invaluable asset to national development.

As we strive along, let us know that we live together as a family in the Customs Division and by large, the Ghana Revenue Authority with a common goal of serving our country to the best of our abilities.

Finally, I wish all of you a Happy and Prosperous New Year. God bless you all.

Thank you.

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