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What you need to know
  • Tax Stamp

    Tax Stamp is a specially designed stamp given to small scale businesses in the informal sector as evidence for paying their taxes.
  • Pay As You Earn (PAYE)

    PAYE is a tax deducted from your income as an employee and is paid by an employer on your behalf.
  • Communication Service Tax

    The Communications Service Tax (CST) is one levied on charges for the use of communications services that are provided by electronic communications service providers
  • Rent Tax

    Rent income is the amount received from letting or leasing a property to another person. Tax paid on this income is referred to as Rent Tax and paid within 30 days after the rent income is received.
  • Vehicle Income Tax

    This is a tax collected from commercial vehicle operators on quarterly basis. The vehicles are categorized according to passenger capacity and type of operation.
  • Gift Tax

    Tax on gifts received by an individual if that gift is not in respect of business or employment. Gift tax is paid by the recipient of the gift to the Authority within 21 days of receipt.

Online Tools

Tax Calculators

This calculator helps you to compute your tax liability on input of your taxable income.

Tax Calendar

View calendar for payment of taxes and submission of relevant returns.

File and Make Payments

This online service allows you to file and make payments for all tax types.

Verify TIN

Enter a Taxpayer Identification Number for verification online.

Tax Stamp Authenticator

For the verification of authenticity of Excise Tax Stamp on excisable products sold in wholesale and retail shops in Ghana.

View More

Access all online tools available.

Electronic Transfer Levy Act, 2022 Act 1075


Filing Returns and Paying Taxes Online

In our bid to move towards a more digitalized economy, the GRA has now made it possible for taxpayers to file returns and pay taxes online with ease. 

This video explores the difference between the old way and modern way of doing things. 

It highlights the inconveniences faced in filing manually with long wait times at tax offices and the bother of interrupting your busy schedules to file your returns and pay taxes at your Taxpayer Service Centre. 

It then juxtaposes these against the new and improved service of GRA online filing your returns at taxpayersportal.com and paying via ghana.gov.

File your tax returns easily online through the
GRA Taxpayers’ App or Portal

You can now file your tax returns easily online through the  GRA Taxpayers’ Portal which can be found at https://taxpayersportal.com/ or download the app easily via the links below:

Android App and iOS App

To register on the Portal or App, you will need your                      TIN /GhanaCard PIN and your contact number already registered with the GRA.

Remember, deadline for filing of 2023 Tax Returns for Personal Income Tax (PIT) is 30th April, 2024. File now on taxpayersportal.com to avoid penalties.

Taxpayers’ Testimonials

  • “I heard the Ghana Card PIN is what we will be using as TIN from now but I didn’t have one so I went to the Adabraka Taxpayer Service Centre where I pay my taxes and right there, I was registered for my Ghana card.
    No stress, it’s completely free!”

    Adwoa B. Akyere
  • “Now, I file and pay PIT online. All I need to do is to log in from my phone at gra.gov.gh and in about 20 minutes I’m done. It is now easier and saves me time and money. Thank you, GRA. “

    Sumaila Awudu

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