As part of efforts to maximise revenue and enable government meet public expectations, Organised Labour of GRA has launched an exercise named “Operation Collect, Name and Shame”.  The exercise which is being undertaken by a Task Force is aimed at addressing challenges in revenue mobilisation including:

  • Revenue leakages
  • Huge outstanding tax debts
  • Certain practices hindering revenue mobilisation

To ensure the success of the exercise by the Task Force, GRA Organised Labour appeals to the General Public to volunteer credible information on issues leading to and causing revenue leakages.

GRA wishes to assure the public that information provided would be treated with the utmost confidentiality.  Where information provided leads to revenue collection, informants will be duly rewarded.

All information should be communicated, through the following Telephone lines and email addresses:

Fixed lines:                 Mobile lines:               Email:

0302 – 959882             0503 – 581800   

0302 – 959883             0503 – 581796   

0503 – 581830

0503 – 581818