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Directors Of Market Direct Limited

GRADomestic TaxDirectors Of Market Direct Limited

Directors of Market Direct Limited

The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) is requesting the general public to offer information on Directors of MARKET DIRECT LIMITED, dealers in imported goods as well as distributors of various commodities.

Market Direct Limited has defaulted in the payment of taxes and efforts to trace the whereabouts of the Directors and Shareholders to recover all outstanding tax liabilities have proven futile, thus necessitating the publication of their names.

It is in the interest of the Directors listed below to avail themselves by reporting to the Management of GRA immediately and make satisfactory arrangements to settle their tax liabilities or face prosecution.

The Directors of the company are:




Name      :  Nabil Edmond Moukarzel


Nationality: Ghanaian


Tel            : 0202819101


Name       : Ramzi Nahas


Nationality: French


Address    : P.O. Box KIA 30443,



Tel             : 0202819101


Anyone with relevant information on the above-mentioned company or any of its Directors should kindly provide the information to the office of the Commissioner-General at the GRA Head office Off Starlets 91 Road, near Accra Sports Stadium, Ministries, or call Telephone number (0302) 502330/502338/9 or Email Information to info@gra.gov.gh.

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