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Disclaimer-Michael Kwasi Sakyi

GRAPublic NoticeDisclaimer-Michael Kwasi Sakyi

Disclaimer - Michael Kwasi Sakyi

The Ghana Revenue Authority’s (GRA’s) attention has been drawn to a newspaper publication captioned, “Arms, Ammunition Trafficking Saga – GRA’s Michael Sakyi, others faced Court 9th March” and wishes to state that the said Michael Sakyi is currently not an employee of the Authority, neither does he have any dealings with GRA.

Mr. Sakyi was appointed as a contract staff of GRA from 1st January, 2018 to 31st December, 2019 and worked under the then Technical Advisor (Customs). The contract was not renewed after its expiration in December, 2019.

The GRA therefore notifies taxpayers, the media and the general public NOT to associate Mr. Michael Sakyi with the Authority.


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