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E-AUCTION is the Ghana Revenue Authority Customs Division’s new electronic way of auctioning items seized at ports. With this new system, any person interested in any items auctioned by Customs, has to register on our website to be able to bid.

On published dates, E-auction begins at 10:00am and ends at 4:00pm

How to Register

  • Enter auction.icums.gov.gh
  • Click on ‘REQUEST ACCOUNT’ under the Login button
  • Enter National ID number (Ghana card number) e.g. GHA-123456789-0
  • Click on the ‘SEARCH’ bottom to verify ID
  • Search automatically populates Name, Contact, GPS Address of person with that ID
  • Enter an ACTIVE email address
  • Select preferred channel of communication (SMS/Email)
  • Solve security question
  • • You have registered successfully! Log in details will be sent to user (prospective bidder) through the selected channel of communication i.e. either Email or SMS

How to Bid

  • Log into your aution.icums.gov.gh account on the day of auction.
  • View items on display and commence bidding
  • The successful bidder will be sent a message through the selected channel of communication i.e. either Email or SMS to continue with the process clearance at the location of the item
  • Delivery will be allowed when duties and taxes have been paid on the item(s);and all necessary procedures followed


  1. The Bid is a closed one such that your offer is unknown to other bidders.
  2. Any bidder who does not take the necessary steps to continue clearance within 48 hours loses the items. The items will be withdrawn and listed for re-auctioning.

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