What is TIN?

TIN is the Taxpayer Identification Number. It is a unique eleven-digit number, which GRA issues to all individuals or businesses who register to pay tax. 

How do I register for TIN?

You can register manually. By this, you would have to go in person and complete a TIN Form at any GRA office close to you.

You can register online too. Go to the GRA website www.gra.gov.gh and click on TIN registration complete the form and submit. An sms will be sent to you to pick your TIN when its ready.

Can I register for tax if I do not have a TIN?

You need a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) to register for tax.

Can I register for tax if I do not have a bank account?

You do not need a bank account to register to pay tax. However, with time you will have to open a bank account when your business grows.

What is filing of returns?

Returns filling is when a business which is registered to pay tax, submits tax to be paid on a special form called a Returns. Returns are filled monthly, quarterly and yearly.

As a new business, am I supposed to file returns? All businesses are required to file returns.