1. The Commissioner-General, GRA announces the commencement and deployment of the Integrated Customs Management System (ICUMS) at all frontiers stations and ports of entry in Ghana with effect from Tuesday 28th April, 2020.

2. It is recalled that in line with the implementation plan for the eventual roll-out of Integrated Customs Management System (ICUMS) nationwide, the deployment of the Second Phase commenced at Takoradi Port on 1st April, 2020. Earlier, Phase One had started on March 1st 2020 at selected Customs Frontier stations.

3. The Third Phase involving Kotoka International Airport and Tema started from 20th April, 2020. Jamestown and the Petroleum sector will complement the entire ICUMS roll-out.

4. Accordingly, all Customs House Agents/Declarants operating in ALL Customs offices are entreated to process all Bill Of Entry’s (BOEs) in ICUMS.

5. The following measures will apply:

A. All existing declarations being processed in GCMS for which payment of taxes have not been effected by close of banking day 27th April, 2020 will be required to be re-processed in the ICUMS as a new BOE from 28th April 2020. 

B. All declarations for permits and e-MDA approvals obtained before 28th April, 2020 as well as penalties payable before and after 28th, or goods and vehicles that have overstayed or been confiscated, and temporary imports of vehicles and goods not closed thereon, shall be re-processed after the 28th of April 2020 in the ICUMS.

C. Declarations for which payments have been made but not been cleared before the 28th of April, 2020 shall continue to be processed in the GCNet / GCMS system until the 15th of May, 2020.

D. Direct entry into Warehousing, Free zones and other suspense regimes shall be processed in the ICUMS with effect from 28th April, 2020.

E. Existing ex-warehousing, Free zones and other suspense regimes declarations shall continue to be processed in the GCNet/GCMS system until the cut-off period of 15th May, 2020.

Any un-resolved challenges regarding the implementation of these transitional measures should be communicated to the respective Sector Commanders and Station Heads for further action.

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