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Collection Of Data On Properties

Collection Of Data On Properties

The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) wishes to inform the general public especially persons who own, rent or occupy properties that, the Authority is undertaking a data collection exercise on properties nationwide.

In line with this exercise, officers of the Rent Tax Taskforce of GRA are visiting various areas to identify properties and conduct interviews leading to the collation of accurate data for tax purposes.

GRA entreats the general public, especially owners and occupiers of rented properties to accord the necessary assistance to the officers and cooperate with them.

Section 33 (1 & 2) of the Revenue Administration Act, 2016 (Act 915) states that for the purpose of a tax law, the Commissioner-General shall for reasonable cause, have without prior notice, full and free access to premises, documents or assets.

The GRA takes this opportunity to notify all taxpayers that tax officers will not collect monies from taxpayers on the field. With the introduction of the Cashless policy, tax payment is through the Ghana.gov platform, designated banks, mobile money using the short code *222#, swift and other authorised digital means.

The officers collecting data on the field can be identified as GRA officers from the GRA inscribed jackets they are wearing.

Taxpayers can contact the Authority Toll-free on 0800 900 110 for assistance.






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