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Notice to all Employers

GRAPublic NoticeNotice to all Employers
Notice to all Employers Wiithholding taxes

Notice to all Employers

The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) announces for the information of the general public, especially employers that every employer has an obligation to withhold the correct amount of taxes when making payment to their employees in respect of their employment income.

Pursuant of Regulation 8(2) of the Income Tax Regulations, 2016 (LI 2244), where an employer withholds money from income earned by an employee from employment for a year of assessment, but withholds an amount that is less than what should have been withheld to meet the tax liability of the employee, the employer shall pay to the Commissioner-General

Notice to all Employers Wiithholding taxes

 the difference between the amount withheld and the amount which should have been withheld.

By this notice, all employers are hereby directed to re-compute the correct amount of tax expected to be withheld from employees qualifying employment income for 2023 year of assessment and pay (if any) the tax difference to the Commissioner-General on or before 15th January, 2024 in accordance with Regulations 8 of LI 2244.

Please note that any employee taxes for 2023 year of assessment paid after 15th January, 2024 shall attract the appropriate interest in accordance with Section 71 of the Revenue Administration Act, 2016 (Act 915).


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