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Withholding Tax

It is a tax which is deducted at source by a withholding agent (a person required to deduct tax) when […]

Corporate Income Tax

It is a tax charged on a company’s total income sources at the end of the company’s accounting income year.

Mineral Royalties Tax

Minerals and mining operations Tax (Mineral Royalty) is imposed on income of a person engaged in mineral operations. A person’s […]

Gift Tax

Tax on gifts received by an individual if that gift is not in respect of business or employment. Gift tax […]

Vehicle Income Tax

This is a tax collected from commercial vehicle operators on quarterly basis. The vehicles are categorized according to passenger capacity […]

Rent Tax

Rent income is the amount received from letting or leasing a property to another person. Tax paid on this income […]

Communication Service Tax

The Communications Service Tax (CST) is one levied on charges for the use of communications services that are provided by […]

Pay As You Earn (PAYE)

PAYE is a tax deducted from your income as an employee and is paid by an employer on your behalf.


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