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Withholding Tax

It is a tax which is deducted at source by a withholding agent (a person required to deduct tax) when making payment to another person and accounted for later to the GRA.

Corporate Income Tax

It is a tax charged on a company’s total income sources at the end of the company’s accounting income year.

Mineral Royalties Tax

Minerals and mining operations Tax (Mineral Royalty) is imposed on income of a person engaged in mineral operations. A person’s income from separate mineral operations are taxed separately.

Rent Tax

Rent income is the amount received from letting or leasing a property to another person. Tax paid on this income is referred to as Rent Tax and paid within 30 days after the rent income is received.

Communication Service Tax

The Communications Service Tax (CST) is one levied on charges for the use of communications services that are provided by electronic communications service providers


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