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Practice Notes

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GRAPractice Notes

Practice Notes

Bank Business

Capital Allowance

Carry Over Losses

Change in Accounting Date

Change in Ownership

Charitable Organisation

Contribution or a Donation to a Worthwhile Cause

Final Limitation of Financial Cost

Gains or Profits from Employment

Limitation on Deduction of Financial Costs

Repairs and Improvement of Depreciable Assets

Repairs and Improvement under the Income Tax Act 2015 ACT 896

Separate Petroleum Operation

Taxation of Gross Gaming Revenue and Winnings from Lottery Operations

VAT Flat Rate Scheme

Withholding of Tax

Mortgage Interest Loan Deduction

Supplies that are Exempt at Importation but Taxable in the Domestic Market Under the VAT Act,2013 (Act 870)


Administrative Guidelines on Upfront Payment_Upd

CRS Guidance Notes

Administrative Guidelines on the waiver of Penalty and Interest

Administrative Guidelines on Financial Sector Recovery Levy

Administrative Guidelines on Covid 19 Levy

Value Added Tax Regulations, 2016 (L.I. 2243)

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