Start-up for small businesses

FAQ for Start-up for small businesses

This guide is to assist or introduce tax to young people who are about to start small businesses on what to do and where to go for assistance. This information may not address all your issues, so kindly visit the nearest GRA office to you for further assistance.

I just started a small sewing shop should I pay tax?

For new and small businesses operating below a capital of GH₵5,000.00 you, pay Income Tax by purchasing the GRA Tax Stamp. The Tax Stamp is sold on quarterly basis. Since you are a new business, you have to go to the GRA office near you for further assistance.

What tax should I pay?

You have to pay Income Tax by purchasing the Tax Stamp from the GRA Office near you.

If you provide service to Companies and Government Institutions, you will have to register and charge the Value Added Tax (VAT). Please visit the GRA office nearest you for assistance.

How much Income tax or VAT should I pay?

All businesses are unique, so there is no fixed Income tax amount to be paid. In addition, if you charged VAT, then you would have to pay all the VAT collected from your clients. Please visit the GRA office close to your business for assistance.

How do I pay tax?

For small and new businesses, it is your civic responsibility to register with the GRA purchase your Income Tax Stamp and file returns.

Can I pay by cheque or cash?

It is advisable to pay cash for small amounts, but only at the GRA offices where you will be issued with receipts for every amount paid.

Where do I go to register my small or new business for tax?

Go to the nearest GRA office and register to pay tax. You can go to our website www.gra.gov.gh to get locations of GRA offices.

You can also contact us on WhatsApp: 0200631664 or 0552990000, on our social media handles Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, @GhanaRevenue or through email info@gra.gov.gh

What documents will I need to register?

You must take Business Registration Certificates with you. At the office, you will be given the registration forms to complete. You can complete the forms at the office or you take it and bring it back later.

Do I have to pay to register for tax?

No, you do not pay to register to charge or pay tax. However, depending on your business you will be required to pay some amount as processing fee for which a receipt will be issued.