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GRADomestic TaxCashless Policy


GRA is embarking on a massive digitization drive as part of the Transformation Agenda to make the Authority a world class revenue administration. The Authority is making a definite move towards a full end-to-end digital tax process where taxpayers can file and pay their taxes from any part of the world at any time. To this end the Commissioner-General has directed that GRA goes cashless:

Target Dates for Commissioner General’s directive

  • Effective 1st May, 2021, Domestic taxpayers should pay their taxes using the Ghana.gov platform and at any of the Twenty- Two (22) designated banks.
  • From 1st June, 2021, all cheques must be paid at the banks.
  • The cashless drive will be fully enforced effective 1st July, 2021 when GRA will no longer receive cash at our offices.

Rationale to go Cashless

  • To digitize the economy and modernize payments to Government through a centralized system.
  • To fulfil government’s goal of creating a cash-light economy.
  • To improve ease of doing business
  • To improve tax compliance

Ghana.gov Payment and Filing Platform

  • Sign-up on ghana.gov.gh with Email and Mobile Phone Number. You can also visit the File and Pay page on this website.
  • To make payment one requires to be registered with TIN (organisations) or Ghana Card (individuals).


Payment Options

There are a variety of payment options available on the Ghana.Gov platform.

  • Bank Cards – Debit/Credit Cards
  • QR-Code or Scan and Pay
  • Mobile Money
    • You dial *222#
    • Select option 3 – GRA
    • Select option 2 – GRA Direct Payments
    • Enter a valid TIN/Ghana Card PIN
    • Select the appropriate Tax Type and follow the prompt

NB: There are limits on how much money can be paid per transaction per day. MTN – 5,000: Vodafone/AirtelTigo – 2,000

  • Pay at Bank with Invoice Number
  • Direct Transfer (from account to account)
  • SWIFT Transfers
  • ACH (Automatic Clearing House) Transfers
  • Bank USSD Mobile
  • Bank Mobile banking
  • Internet Banking 

Third-Party Cheques

When a third-party cheque is presented on due dates, it takes additional 48-hours to clear.

Interest will be charged to the taxpayer after the clearance.

It is therefore advisable to pay third-party cheques 48-hours earlier or present those cheques at the domicile bank or use the special clearance option at the banks.

Post-dated Cheques

Existing cheques that have already been received for the payment of Duties and Taxes shall continue to be presented to the Banks.  No new cheques must be received after June 1, 2021. 

Where it becomes necessary for cheques to be issued for payments that is spread over a number of months, such cheques must be supported by a Bank Guarantee. 

All post-dated cheques must be presented by 31st December, 2021 to be cleared.  

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