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The Customs Division is a paramilitary organisation which belongs to the Operational Division of GRA and forms part of the Country’s National Security architecture. The Customs Division has offices strategically located at all points of entry and exit including harbours, airports, land borders and parcel posts  as well as other inland offices. Personnel of the Customs Division are identified by uniquely designed uniforms and accessories.

As a first line of defense, the Division plays a crucial role of protecting the territorial integrity of Ghana through its Preventive operations at both approved and unapproved borders. The Customs Division is charged with three-fold responsibilities which include the:

  • Mobilisation of revenue from imports and exports
  • Facilitation of legitimate trade and
  • Provision of public security and safety

Departments Under Customs

  • Port Operations
  • Preventive Unit
  • Post Clearance Unit
  • Petroleum Operations
  • Suspense Regimes
  • Mining Operations

Commissioner, Customs Division

Brigadier General Ziblim Ayorrogo

Brigadier General Ziblim Ayorrogo

Commissioner, Customs Division


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