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Importing through the Post Office

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Importing By Post

This is the process of receiving goods or parcels from outside the country through the post office. The items can be imported through the Accra Central, Accra North (Kwame Nkrumah Circle) and Tema Post Offices, as well as all regional post offices across the country.

Steps in importing through post

  • Every import that goes through the post comes with a Delivery Note (DN). This comes together in the recipient box.
  • The post office counter staff will verify whether the parcel belongs to the recipient by verifying the identity of the recipient.
  • The parcel is then opened by the recipient for examination.
  • The Customs Officer at the post office counter will then calculate the duty payable based on the classification of the item. The cost of postage is used as the freight value and a 1% charge imposed.
  • The duty is paid at the Ghana Post Counter. Two receipts are issued i.e. The receipt for the Ghana Post administrative charge, and the receipt for the Customs duty charged.
  • The receipt is then taken to the Ghana Post counter before the recipient is given the item.

Please Note:

  • The insurance value on the item is taken into consideration when calculating the duty to be paid.
  • Some items are restricted goods and recipients must obtain a permit from the relevant Government agencies before being permitted to clear.
  • If goods are not claimed within three (3) months, they are confiscated to the State and auctioned off.


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