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E-VAT is an electronic means of issuing VAT receipts OR an electronic invoicing system for VAT-registered businesses.  E-VAT is not a new tax, but an improvement on how VAT transactions are invoiced.

The new E-invoicing system applies to both the VAT Flat Rate and Standard Rate Schemes. By this, all VAT components for both VAT types still hold in the calculation of liabilities respectively .i.e. 


  • National Health Insurance Levy (NHIL) 2.5%,
  • Ghana Education Trust Fund Levy (GETFUND) 2.5%
  • Covid-19 Health Recovery Levy (CHRL) 1%
  • Value Added Tax (VAT) 15%


  • Covid-19 Health Recovery Levy (CHRL) 1%
  • VAT flat rate 3%

The E-VAT system comes in two forms. The first is:

  • An all-round e-invoicing system that will be installed free of charge for VAT-registered businesses without one, and;
  • Another which would be merged with an existing invoicing system of a VAT-registered businesses

Either of the two could be installed by experts  from the GRA as per the choice of the beneficiary business

What you need for E-VAT installation

You need a;

  1. Desktop or Laptop
  2. Internet access and;
  3. A web browser

How to get the E-VAT system

  1. The 1st Phase of E-VAT was rolled out to some 50 Large Taxpaying businesses on 1st October, 2022.
  2. The 2nd Phase will continue shortly from 2023 with medium taxpayers and expand to all other VAT-registered business by 2024.

How to use the E-VAT system

  1. Log into the E-VAT platform on either Google Chrome version 6.1 or higher or Firefox version 5.6 of higher
  2. Wait for system to request a SIGNATURE KEY from the GRA.
  4. Generate electronic receipts both online or offline up until 24 hours 

Things to expect on an E-VAT invoice/receipt

An E-VAT receipt comes with some security features 

  1. The Commissioner General’s Signature the proves originality
  2. A QR code which can be scanned for verification purposes;
  3. A receipt signature which cannot be altered by anybody
  4. Exact date and time or Time stamp
  5. Serial number
  6. Receipt number
  7. Machine registration code

Benefit to Businesses

This new invoicing system has been designed to simplify the work of businesses which are registered for VAT. The new invoicing system will;

  1. Enhance record keeping, otherwise known bookkeeping
  2. Reduce cost of compliance
  3. Ease filling and simplify VAT Refund process

Legal Framework

The E-VAT system has been introduced under VAT Act 870 as amended.

Relevant E-VAT Downloads and Services

Downloads for E-VAT

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