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VAT Flat Rate

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Vat Flat Rate Scheme (VFRS)

The VFRS is a special method of collecting and accounting for VAT/NHIL. It is designed for all VAT-registered retailers and wholesalers (including importers) of taxable goods. These registered taxpayers shall charge VAT/NHIL at a marginal rate of 3% on the value of their taxable sales.   Click HERE to File and Pay your VAT Flat Rate

Purpose of VFRS

  • VFRS is simpler to operate
  • Eliminates the difficulty of obtaining invoices to support input tax claims and
  • Has the potential to expand the tax net and create a level playing field for all registered taxpayers

The VFRS is an alternative to the standard VAT/NHIL, and a simplified method of accounting for VAT/NHIL. This means that VAT registered taxpayers who are exclusively wholesale and/or retailers of taxable goods cannot operate the standard VAT/NHIL Scheme.

A Flat Rate of 3%

The tax payable at a flat rate of 3% is equivalent in value to the effective tax payable by traders on the current invoice-credit scheme at a rate of 17.5% which employs the input-output mechanism.

Persons who Qualify to Operate the VFRS

All VAT registered retailers and wholesalers (including importers) of taxable goods qualify to operate the VFRS.

NOTE: It is important to note that persons who are not registered by GRA to operate either the VFRS at 3% or the standard VAT scheme at 17.5% cannot by law charge VAT/NHIL.

Sale with VAT Flat Rate

The VFRS does not change the tax status of goods and services supplied. Goods and services specified as exempt supplies under the VAT Act 2013 (Act 870) as amended remain exempt. In the same way, the status of zero-rated and relief supplies remain unchanged. Therefore, a VFRS operator is not required to charge the tax on exempt items such as:

  • Agricultural products in their raw state produced in Ghana
  • Agricultural inputs
  • Fishing equipment
  • Mosquito nets
  • Postage stamps
  • Goods designed for the exclusive use of the disabled
  • Petrol, diesel, kerosene and LPG
  • Medical services and Medical supplies

Issuance of VFRS Invoice

VFRS businesses and operators are required by the VAT law to issue the VAT/NHIL Flat Rate Scheme invoice for all transactions. However, businesses authorized by the Commissioner-General to operate the Special Retail Scheme could use electronic means to record their sales and issue till receipts for their sales. The till receipt will show the rate and amount charged for the VAT/NHIL/GETFL.

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