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Rent Tax

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Rent Income

Rent income is the amount received from letting or leasing a property to another person. The tax paid on rent income is referred to as Rent Tax. Rent Tax must be paid within 30 days after the rent income is received.

Businesses Liable to Pay Rent Tax

  • Any business that receives income from letting or leasing a property.
  • An agency that qualifies to withhold tax.

Rate of Tax

There are two rates for rent tax;
  • 8% for residential premises
  • 15% for commercial and non-residential premises

Payment of the rent tax can be made at the nearest Domestic Tax Revenue Division Office. You may also contact any of our offices for further clarification on the tax.

Failure to pay your tax on rent income by the due date, will attract an interest of 125% of the statutory rate compounded monthly. Remember to make available copies of all receipts of payment of rent tax for inspection by officers of Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA)



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