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Tema Collection holds the first quarter meeting of the Joint Customs Consultative Meeting (JCCC) 30th April 2024

GRACustomsTema Collection holds the first quarter meeting of the Joint Customs Consultative Meeting (JCCC) 30th April 2024

Tema Collection holds the first quarter meeting of the Joint Customs Consultative Meeting (JCCC) – 30th April 2024

The Joint Customs Consultative Committee is made up of reps from key stakeholder groups in the port operation business, and this committee is aimed at having seamless communication, improving trade facilitation and promoting effective collaboration among the stakeholder groups.


At the first quarter meeting for 2024, which was held on 30th April, 2024 at the GPHA Towers, Nana Esi Soederberg, the Marketing and Corporate Affairs Manager of the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GPHA) and the Head of Policy and Programs- Customs Division, Tema Collection PRO Dr. Ebenezer Acquah-Bentil presented statistics related to cargo traffic and processing activities. GPHA reported a slight decline in the number of vessels handled at the Tema Port, which was 1,435 in 2023 compared to 1,471 in 2022. They also stated that the total cargo traffic was down, with 18,649,912 tons in 2023 compared to 19,688,304 tons in 2022. However, GPHA clarified that the decline was less significant than the previous year, which had seen 22,529,615/19,688,304 tons of cargo.

The transit cargo played a significant role in the cargo handled at the port. GPHA expressed its commitment to infrastructural development, both physical and electronic, to enhance performance. The report presented by Customs focused on import processing for Tema collection, with total revenue on imports increasing from GHS 17,248,705,391.89 in 2022 to GHS 24,399,349,418.96 in 2023.

Short collection for Tema collection amounted to GHS 184,101,981.93 in 2023, a significant increase from the previous year (GHS 57,347,649.01). The total BOEs entered was 176,513 in 2023, with 15% processed through the Green channel, 5% Yellow Channel, 1% Blue, and 79% processed through the Red channel. Transit BOEs accounted for 32,148 processed whereas non-exited reported at 19,322 BOEs.

Mr. Charles Noah, a member of the ICUMS technical team, presented on behalf of Ghana Link Network Services. He spoke about the implementation of a new module that allows GPHA and Customs to manage transfers of boxes/containers to the Golden Jubilee Terminal via Terminal (1/2). This new module is expected to improve the inventory status and control of such units.

Additionally, the Ghana Standards Authority, Foods and Drugs Authority, and Meridian Port Services (MPS) also presented during the meeting. They shared statistics related to their respective institutions and assured stakeholders of their commitment to improving and better servicing their interests.

Among issues that came up, increasing transit diversions were of concern, with Customs reporting an increasing pattern of transit BOE cancellation. The Burkina Faso Chamber of Commerce submitted on behalf of Transiters, indicating that VAT should not apply to transit shipments and that charges are high and not in compliance with international transit protocol. The Sector Commander assured stakeholders that, she would convene a meeting within the week to meet with Transiters and understand their issues.

GPHA clarified that its charges constitute only 9% of charges being reported at the port. SAFEBOND Terminal, the designated terminal for vehicle clearance raised concerns about the lack of cooperation to be provided with an electronic manifest facility within ICUMS. The next meeting is scheduled to be held in August 2024.


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