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Public Notice
The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) announces for the information of the general public the coming into force of amendments to the following Tax Laws and the introduction of the Emissions Levy Act, 2023 (Act1112):
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Notice to all Employers Wiithholding taxes
Please note that any employee taxes for 2023 year of assessment paid after 15th January, 2024 shall attract the appropriate interest in accordance with Section 71 of the Revenue Administration Act, 2016 (Act 915).
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the Authority has NOT ENGAGED or contracted any individual, company or group of persons to carry out any special re-registration exercise on its behalf.
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She is therefore not authorized to transact any business for and on behalf of the Authority. Anyone who transacts any business with her does so at his / her own risk.
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The Commissioner-General is hereby serving notice to all businesses whose financial reporting calendar year ends on 31st December and have not submitted their estimates to do so by the 21st of April, 2023.
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The effective date of implementation of all amendments is January 1, 2023. The general public, particularly VAT Registered persons, Employers, Accountants, Auditors, Importers, Exporters, Clearing Agents and Tax Consultants must take note of these amendments and comply accordingly.
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The owner or anyone having interest in any rateable premises is entitled to inspect the Valuation List and take copies thereof and extract therefrom free of charge.
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Mr. Sakyi was appointed as a contract staff of GRA from 1st January, 2018 to 31st December, 2019 and worked under the then Technical Advisor (Customs). The contract was not renewed after its expiration in December, 2019.
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The compiled register will be published extensively in the print media, on the GRA website and social media platforms from 1st June, 2022. In this vein, the Authority requests all professionals who are not in good standing to contact the GRA through the following means: the nearest GRA office, info@gra.gov.gh, WhatsApp - 0552 990 000...
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